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Credit insurance provides you with the ability to check the credit worthiness of potential customers. This allows you to identify and focus your efforts on good quality prospects: those who will pay and those who will pay on time. In the long run, this will save you time and money, stabilise cash flow, make forecasts predictable and enable real long-term, sustainable growth.

Find new customers

With trade credit insurance cover you benefit from:

  • Powerful predictive analytics and intelligence on over 83 million companies worldwide via our proprietary database

  • Real-time past-due and claims reporting from our over 55,000 customers worldwide

  • A unique credit grading/scoring system to help you assess potential customers

  • An early warning system when customers might be at risk of late or non-payment


“Growth but not at any cost”

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Expand to new or foreign markets


Euler Hermes consistently monitors +83 million companies worldwide with 1,700 credit analysts based in 62 countries.

Introducing Trade Match 
by Euler Hermes Economic Research 

An online tool that highlights the export risks and opportunities across 17 sectors in 70 countries around the world.

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Which markets should I export to? Which sectors are under-penetrated? Who are my potential customers within these markets? Who can help me develop my business within these markets?

These are all the questions that businesses looking to expand into new markets and sectors need to address. We will help you identify and choose the best opportunities.

• Stay on top of trends through our market analysis and economic research content: global insolvency outlook, sector risks analyses, country collection profiles, etc.

• Access country specific risk information via our regular bulletins on political, economic and market risk.

• Identify good quality prospects and avoid fraud through our proprietary database and credit checks.

• Provide competitive payment terms to your international clients with credit insurance cover.

• Secure your cash flow and reassure your financial partners and investors.

Don’t rely on chance to be able to offer excellent credit terms.

Offer better credit terms to your clients


With credit insurance, you can offer competitive credit terms with confidence, even when you haven’t known a customer for a long time. When you are worried about offering new customers favourable credit terms, credit insurance cover will give you the peace of mind to proceed. This could make all the difference in securing a deal vs competitors. Furthermore, you can improve retention with existing customers by offering longer credit terms.

There’s more… 

Through the Euler Hermes early warning system, you can continuously monitor customers to see if they still fall within your credit terms risk appetite so you can adjust as required and reduce risks.

And finally, if invoices are not payed, we have you covered.

Improve your financing


On average, accounts receivables represent 40% of business assets. Secure 90% of these assets with the financial strength of Euler Hermes, an AA-rated Allianz company.

On average, accounts receivables represent 40% of business assets. Securing 90% of these assets with the financial strength of Euler Hermes, an AA-rated Allianz company, will reassure your banks and financial partners

Having credit insurance cover, signals good governance and management. It demonstrates that you are on top of your finances, have predictable cash flow and consistent forecasting. It shows that you are a serious business that won’t be surprised by catastrophic bad debt losses. As such you are a strong company more likely to get better financing arrangements. 

Banks are reassured, knowing their loans will get paid if things go wrong, and are therefore more willing to provide favourable terms. This reduces your cost of finance through overdrafts to deal with cash flow variations.

It is only natural to want to grow your business with existing customers. There is a long-standing working relationship, things run smoothly and there is an element of trust. However, when a small number of large customers account for most of your business, you have a concentration of risk. As your business with one of your customers grows, their risk can increasingly become your risk

With Credit Insurance, you can avoid the risks of high customer concentration. We monitor risks of your customer portfolio at all times and provide an early warning system to help you manage your exposure to insolvencies. This helps you to assess your portfolio, decide where to grow, where to reduce and where to find new opportunities.

Grow your business with existing customers

“Growth but not at any cost”

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